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Our mantra, "Music First," means that musicians and their artistic visions drive all Cedille recording projects. Artists tell us this makes the label unique. Here are some other distinguishing features of Cedille.

  • We identify and record the finest classical musicians, ensembles, and composers with Chicago roots.
  • Their creatively programmed recordings always feature enlightening and distinctive interpretations.
  • Cedille collaborates on the recording concept, helping to make it more valuable to the artist's discography and of greater interest to listeners.
  • Through global distribution, we present these world-class musicians to the international stage, enhancing artistic reputations and careers.
  • We don't delete: every one of Cedille's 170+ recordings is available to the public in perpetuity

Hear more in the artists' own words, and explore their backgrounds and discographies.

  • Jennifer Koh | Cedille Artists
    Jennifer Koh

    — violinist

    "The beauty of being able to work with Cedille is that I'm able to have an artistic vision. And it's become such a rare thing in classical music."

  • Richard Young | Cedille Artists
    Richard Young

    — violist, Vermeer Quartet

    "The CDs we've done for Cedille Records are among the most popular, not only with our chamber music audience but with the general public as well."

  • Jorge Federico Osorio | Cedille Artist
    Jorge Federico Osorio

    — pianist

    "Recording with Cedille has given me a lot of opportunities, a lot of recognition — and certainly to have such a good quality product has helped my career."

  • Alex Klein | Cedille Artist
    Alex Klein

    — Principal Oboe, Chicago Symphony Orchestra 1995–2004

    "There is virtually no "corporate approach" at Cedille, something that is unfortunately quite common elsewhere. At Cedille, I encounter a family of people interested in the project, from the top of organization (Jim Ginsburg) to the engineer and everyone I see there. Suddenly, it is not "my CD" anymore, it is everyone's project, and everyone seems to be as eager to see a positive outcome as I am."

  • Stacy Garrop | Cedille Artists
    Stacy Garrop

    — Composer

    "In all my years as a professional composer, I've never encountered another label that cares so much about every aspect of getting the CD right."

  • eighth blackbird | Cedille Artists
    eighth blackbird

    — contemporary ensemble

    "Cedille, you are one of our closest friends, trusting our vision and supporting our strangest, craziest thoughts. Cedille, you are one of Chicago's treasures!"

  • Aaron Jay Kernis | Cedille Artists
    Aaron Jay Kernis

    — composer, Symphony in Waves

    "I want to thank you — not only for the work you've done and extensive time you've put into this — but also for all that I've learned during this process. I didn't know that what you've done on these works was actually humanly (and digitally) possible, so I'll be holding other editors to this gold standard that you've shown to me. The time and dedication you've put in to make this a wonderful recording is really extraordinary."

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