How We Work

Cedille selects recording project from local artists and ensembles of distinction. Each project must be distinctly different from Cedille's existing body of work; and offer an interesting perspective on important, new, unusual, and/or seldom-recorded classical repertory. Recording projects are artist driven, generated from the artists' interests and aesthetic sensibilities.

No other independent organization — either for-profit or non-profit — is dedicated exclusively to recording Chicago-area classical musicians, ensembles, and composers. In the current state of the recording industry, only a handful of the very best-known artists receive recording contracts from major labels.

Cedille's ability to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals, institutions, and governmental agencies allows it to pursue projects of great artistic integrity. Rather than taking the approach to maximize commercial appeal by removing project control from artists, Cedille empowers its artists to select themes and works and to provide feedback on all aspects of the recording process. Because of this approach, Cedille recordings may be more commercially risky, but are truer reflections of artists’ visions.

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