About Us

Our Nonprofit Mission

Cedille Chicago, NFP is dedicated to bringing Chicago’s finest classical musicians to a worldwide audience by recording, distributing, and promoting their work. Through its high-quality recordings on the Cedille Records label, Cedille furthers the careers of outstanding Chicago classical performers and composers as they present innovative programs featuring the music about which they are most passionate.

Our Future

With our mission of widely disseminating recordings in mind, Cedille Chicago invests heavily in marketing and promotion of the recordings. Sales cover only a small fraction of our expenses. We rely on the generous contributions of classical music lovers to support the rest.

For more than two decades, Cedille has worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission. Once a recording is in print, it will remain perpetually available. Unlike other record labels, we never delete recordings from our catalog. Each CD is intended as a permanent addition to the world's catalog of classical music.

With your support, we will continue recording and producing classical recordings of the highest quality featuring outstanding musicians from Chicago. Please consider donating today.

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